Archer Space Heater Temperature Control

Do you have any recommendations for your heaters in terms of leaving them on overnight?

Depending on the size of the house, if you’ve got a 12 to 18 square home, you can turn it off all together at night. My house is a 27 square house, it would take a little bit too long in the morning to warm up. I like to come down and like the house to be warm, so I leave mine on, but on a lower temperature.

I set the temperature down to 18 degrees, and so it’s not icy cold. If it goes above 18, it will switch itself off. Our gas space heaters have a remote control thermostat which makes them even more efficient. If they didn’t have that thermostat, then the heaters would stay on all night and continue to heat the house. By setting the temperature at 18 degrees, if it were to go above that degrees, it will just automatically switch off.

Let’s talk about the thermostat and the remote, their features and how easy it is to use them.

If you read the instructions the remote is very easy to use. Lee, who works here, she programmes that the heater comes on at seven o’clock in the morning. So by nine o’clock, it’s nice and toasty warm up here. And we put in a temperature of 23 degrees. And if it were to go above it, the heater will switch off. Once it goes below, sometimes in the afternoon at four o’clock and cools down, it will come back on. It is set to go off at 4:30 and comes back on again in the morning.

So you can set your temperatures for the day for it to come on. You can also use it to just switch the heater off and to switch it on manually. It’s got another feature where instead of switching two burners off, you can switch off just the back burner. And that means if the heater has reached a temperature, but you still want to see some fire/flames, the front burner keeps on going. And that’s quite often enough in certain size homes for the heater to maintain a certain temperature.

So the remote gives you a choice with the thermostat to switch both burners on or off, or you can have just the one burner going. So it’s programmable, you can set it to go on at a certain time, and you can set it to maintain a certain temperature.

So this is obviously a big advantage compared to wood fired heaters where you would have to get up early and chop the wood and stoke the fire every now and then.