Installing Archer Heaters

How easy is it to install Archer heaters?Yes, installation is fairly simple. If you’ve got a chimney they’ll use single flue with a flexi the Flexi is there for in case the heater needs to be pulled out forward. It can’t be fixed because you can’t get to the back of the heater. So then […]

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Where are Archer Gas Log Fires Made?

Melbourne MadeArcher heaters are engineered, designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australia. They’re also the world’s most efficient gas log fire. Archer gas log fires heat massive amounts of space and they use very little gas thanks to their heat exchanger and unique fluing system. They can heat between 100 square metres right up to

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Do Gas Log Fires Use a Lot of Gas?

Gas Heater Efficiency?Today, the gas energy rating of gas appliances and heaters is signified using a star rating scheme. We’ve all come across those stickers on appliances, but what do they actually mean? Star ratings for heaters basically compare gas heater efficiency or combustion efficiency by the amount of raw energy input consumed by the gas

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