Do Archer Gas Heaters Use a Lot of Gas?

Or heaters do not use a lot of gas because we have a very efficient heat exchanger, meaning we get more heat into your house and less gas up the flue of the exhaust. And we have a 94% combustion efficiency of the gas usage meaning we are burning nearly all of the gases and don't waste anything.

Our heaters are so efficient that produce condensate, water. And that water is collected in a small container. And when it reaches a certain level, it is then automatically pumped up into a tray on top of the firebox and the convection fan runs over that. And it therefore puts moisture back into the room, meaning it does not dry out the air like ducted heating does.

Is cleaning or maintenance required for your heaters?

Yes, our heaters should be serviced every once or every second year, depending because the convection fan draws in air down the bottom. So it can get dusty depending on the environment where the heater is. If you've got cats and dogs it's best to or if you do a lot of sewing nearby, it's best to get it serviced at least once a year. Because if the fan is not clean, then the dust goes into the bottom of the heat exchanger, then later on, the heat exchanger will be needing to be cleaned. But if you do it regularly every year, keep it clean, get it serviced once a year, it will work at its best.

What are the advantages of gas compared to wood fire heaters?

First of all electric heaters, these new fancy type electric heaters, they can only produce two kilo watts, which is enough to heat a three metre by three metre room. So it is not really considered for real heating purposes, more as a feature, just for looks, to pretend that you have a fire.

Wood fires, they can produce a lot of heat with wood, the more wood you put in, the more heat you're going to get. But how much do you pay for your wood? Do you go and collect it yourself? Or do you pay for it?

Wood can be expensive if you buy it chopped and delivered. So as a big variation in running costs, are you on the farm, you got your own wood? Great, go for it, because you also may not have natural gas. And LPG, of course, is more expensive than natural gas.

There is always asked to be removed, there is dust involved. Even though you can leave the ash in a wood heater for quite a while whenever you open the door, little bits of dust come out. You put the log in, you stir up the ashes, and every now and then you have to clean out the ash. There's a lot more work