Do Gas Log Fires Use a Lot of Gas?

Gas Heater Efficiency?

Today, the gas energy rating of gas appliances and heaters is signified using a star rating scheme. We've all come across those stickers on appliances, but what do they actually mean?

Star ratings for heaters basically compare gas heater efficiency or combustion efficiency by the amount of raw energy input consumed by the gas heater in comparison to the heat energy output provided.

When doing a gas heater efficiency comparison, Star Ratings for unflued gas heaters are from 5.8 to 5.9 Stars, meaning that they have about 90% gas heater efficiency. Flued heater have 1.0 to 4.8 Stars and 61% to 84% gas heater efficiency. So, you could save as much as 32% of the cost of heating by choosing unflued gas heaters compared with some flued gas heaters.

Are gas log fires efficient?

Yes, it is all about combustion efficiency. The more combustion efficient a gas log heater is, the less amount of gas it will use. Combustion efficiency refers to how effectively the fuel (in this case, gas) is burned to produce heat. A highly efficient gas log heater will maximize the heat output from the gas while minimizing waste, resulting in lower gas consumption.

Archer heater gas log heaters not only extract 92% of the heat from the gas, it also spreads it better through your home. Combustion efficient clean burn, super efficient heat exchanger and 55ºC flue exhaust temperature, generates fewer greenhouse gases (CO-CO2) per megajoule of heat produced, when compared to other similar conventional gas heaters, which is a direct benefit to the environment.

So, do Archer gas log fires use a lot of gas?

No! Here's why.

The Archer’s high efficiency 3 stage high performance heat exchange system, allows for the heat of the incoming combustible gases to be squeezed to 55ºC before they enter the flue resulting in total combustion, to ensure that every megajoule of gas input energy available is put to work for heating the home.

This type of process of achieving high performance heat output has to date not been achieved by any other similar appliance, but with an Archer heater it is reality and you get the benefit.

Any advance in reduction of greenhouse gases is a small step forward to preserve the environment and the standard of living for future generations. We are committed to reduce pollution (greenhouse gases) and with our range of energy efficient heaters. Archer Gas Log Fires has invested in years of research to ensure that one of the major beneficiaries of their business is the environment.