720g series

free standing flat front model fs720g single burner

The FS720G is a 30 Mj single burner Free Standing Heater, which features and incorporates reflective enameled Firebox Liners. This is to create a three dimensional reflection of the flames, giving it a visual striking appearance.

With a 96 % combustion efficiency, the single burner Free Standing Model has a 5.9 Star Energy Rating.

It can heat up an area of up to 100 square metres (10 squares)* and incorporates features such as:

  • 5 Variable Heat Settings
  • Automatic Fan Speed settings linked to each burner setting.
  • Remote Control
  • Powered flue technology
  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic Humidifier
  • Easy Installation Archer’s unique 40mm PVC Fluing system (Co-axial or single flue)

*Note: Heating capacity may vary subject to: climate; home design; heater location; ceiling height; and insulation

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Model Series 720g Free Standing Flat Front Model FS720g Single Burner
Input 5 settings Nat/LPG
20Mj High
10Mj Low
Output 6Kw High
3Kw Low
Combustion Efficiency 92%
Fan Automatic 3 speed
Ignition Automatic H.S.I.
Automatic Humidifier Standard
Heat Settings 5 Settings
Heating Areas Up to 100 square metres (10 squares) subject to climate, home design, heater location, ceiling height and insulation, etc.
Clearances Zero clearance to all surfaces.Sides:back-top-bottom
Energy Star Rating 5.9
Tested to AS4553-2008
Approval No.8198G



1. Flue Outlet Co-axial (outside 65mm, inside 40mm)single flue 40mm Ø. Flexible Flue 40mm Ø. 2. Air Inlet 3. Electric Cord 4. 1/2″ BSP Connection (inside) 6. 90/40mm PVC Elbow 

Heater Options

Archer offer a choice of six optional colours as shown that cover neutral and traditional colour themes. If you require a colour that doesn’t appear in our optional selections, our manufacturing facility allows us to customise your colour selection to your specific requirements. Please consult with your dealer to establish a formal quotation for this customised service.


optional colours  
Metallic Brown  
optional powdercoat colours  
River Gum  
Manor red  
Silver Pearl  
Door Trim
Charcoal standard  
Optional DoorTrims  
Remote Control Thermostat