Heat Your Whole Home With An Archer Gas Log Heater

Aurora Climate Systems founder, Micheal Rappold interviewed at HIA Home Show.

In this video, Kat from hi pages TV chats with Mike about an energy-efficient heater that boasts a 150 square meter heating capacity and has a built-in automatic humidifier.

Are you ready to experience the next level of cozy comfort in your home this winter?

Kat from hipages.com.au caught up with Mike from Aurora Heating Systems at the HIA Home Show. He shared some exciting insights about the Archer gas log space heater. Join us as we explore the unique features that make this heater a game-changer in the world of home heating.

Kat: I'm Kat from Hipages TV and on with Mike from Aurora Heating Systems. How are you Mike?

Mike: Not too bad for today.

Kat: Yes?

Mike: Excellent.

Kat: I'm feeling very toasty in front of this fire.

Mike: Well this, it's very very warm, right? Very hot.

Kat: Tell me about it. What's so unique about it?

Mike: Well, the heater is a 5.7-star energy rated heater. It's the most efficient gas log space heater on the market, today. The features of it both in its heating capacity it's 150 square meters.

Kat: Okay.

Mike: It only runs on  PVC venting because our flue temperatures are only 40 degrees celsius.  So, 93 percent of the heat, what we are generating, we are actually transferring into the home. The heater has also got another unique feature. It's got an automatic humidifier built-in, because the heater condensates, so we transfer the condensate on the top of the firebox, a stainless steel tray, with the hot air from the fan moving over the water restores the humidity automatically, so it doesn't drain air out.

Kat: Okay

Mike: In fact, it is the only heater in the world that has an automatic humidifier built-in.

Kat: So it sounds very energy efficient, then.

Mike: Very energy efficient. Also, the heater zero clearance because that outside temperatures on the casing are very very cool

Kat: Okay

Mike: Insulation advantage is enormous because we only run on PVC venting. So we are able to have direct venting, directly into the outside or single PVC venting underfloor the floor sidewise in between wall cavities because all the venting is zero clearance, because it is on PVC.

Mike: Heating capacity is very large on this machine - about 150 square meters. Because of its enormous heating capacity, of course, we can almost heat a whole home.

Kat: That's fantastic - with just that one little fireplace.

Mike: One little fireplace. That's all you need in your home, right?

Kat: Fantastic!

Mike: Running costs are very very low - anything from that $0.10 an hour up to 30 cents an hour, depending on what heat setting you run it.

Kat: Is that all?

Mike: Also, got 3 automatic fan settings in itself and it just itself automatically to whatever heat setting you select on the heater. You can either run it manually or  run it with a remote thermostat

Kat: That sounds great! So, lots of options?

Mike: Yes.

Kat: And how is easy is it to get installed in the home?

Mike: Very easy, because of its plastic flueing, so it's very very easy to install. Probably easier than any other product on the market

Kat: Fantastic! So we can be nice and warm by winter.

Mike: Yes, that's right. For sure.

Kat: Wonderful! Thanks, Mike. Enjoy the expo.

Mike: Thanks very much.