The Bay Window Insert Gas Log Fireplace Model IS100/IS200

Gas log fireplace insert


The Bay Insert model IS100/200 has a 92% combustion efficiency and a 5.5 star energy rating.It is a 30mj twin burner Heater and has the capacity to heat up to 180 square metres (18 Squares)*

It incorporates features such as:

  • 3 Heat settings
  • 3 Automatic fan speed setting linked to each burner setting.
  • Powered flue technology
  • Automatic ignition
  • Easy installation using Archer unique 40ml PVC fluing system. (Co axial or single flue) 
  • Zero Clearance Installation
  • Optional Remote Control

*NOTE: Heating capacity may vary depending of climate, home design, heater location, ceiling height and installation, etc.

  • Model Series 300: Fire Place Insert IS100-IS200 Bay Window Model
  • Input: Nat/LPG, 30Mj High, 20Mj Medium, 10Mj Low
  • Output: 7.6Kw High, 5.2Kw Medium, 2.5Kw Low
  • Combustion Efficiency: 92%
  • Fan: Automatic 3 speed
  • Ignition: Automatic H.S.I.
  • Heat Settings: 3 Settings – High/Medium/Low 
  • Automatic Humidifier: Standard
  • Heating Areas: Up to 180 square metres (18 squares) subject to climate, home design, heater location, ceiling height and insulation, etc.
  • Clearances: Zero clearance to all surfaces. Sides:Back-Top-Bottom. Note: insert model require minimum clearance of 50mm side and top for easy removal of appliance.
  • Energy Star Rating: 5.5

Tested To AS4553-2008 - Approval No.5446

  • Optional Colours:  Charcoal(standard), Metallic Brown, Pewter           
  • Optional Powdercoat Colours: River Gum, Manor Red
  • Door Trim: Charcoal (standard)
  • Optional Door Trim: Chrome, Gold
  • Optional Surrounds: Small H758mm, Large H858mm
  • Remote Control: Optional

Model IS100/IS200 Insert Bay

  1. Flue Outlet Co-axial (outside 65mm, inside 40mm)single flue 40mm Ø. Flexible Flue 40mm Ø. 
  2. Air Inlet 
  3. Electric Cord 
  4. 1/2″ BSP Connection (inside) 
  5.  -
  6.  90/40mm PVC Elbow  
  7. Flexible PVC Pipe 
  8. Heater Surround