Installing Archer Heaters

How easy is it to install Archer heaters?

Yes, installation is fairly simple. If you've got a chimney they'll use single flue with a flexi the Flexi is there for in case the heater needs to be pulled out forward. It can't be fixed because you can't get to the back of the heater. So then they go up through the chimney. The regulated length is 5.1 metres in total.

If they have an external bore where the heater goes then they go out with a coax flue. That just requires a 65 mil circular opening where both the 40 mil within the 65 mil go out through that, so it's a matter of drilling the hole. Of course it always depends on where the gas is to have to bring the gas sometimes the gas is there sometimes they have to bring it in. That's with any gas you do you have to bring the gas to that particular point where you need it.

Are Archer Heaters Safe?

We have lots of safety features. If the flu isn't installed correctly, water can collect in the flu. There is a pressure switch and that determines when pressure isn't right for exhausting and the heater switches off.

There are two flame sensors; once the gas valve is opened and the gas is released within 10 seconds that flame sensor has to detect gas, if it doesn't detect gas it will switch off. So there can never be any gas coming out without ignition, the heater just won't work.

If it were to get too hot, if your convection fan doesn't take the heat away from the firebox, there is an over-temp switch, which switches the heater off. There are all these safety switches that are triggered when something's wrong.