Introducing the most efficient Archer gas log fireplace heaters which are now available as a central heating fireplace system to heat your whole home.


Design for total house coverage, uniform heat distribution throughout the whole house

Archer’s central heating system for its models IS900 and IS700 extracts 93% of available heat generated by Archer’s revolutionary triple heat exchange system and distributes that heat into different areas within your home. Providing quiet and efficient heating.

92% of heat available from your fireplace is efficiently distributed through the ducting system by an inline duct fan through ceiling or floor ducts located throughout your home.

Heating requirements for your home can be automatically adjusted by Archer’s simple control system, allowing you to control the heat you require from your fireplace and ducting system.

Archer’s central heating fireplace system has the flexibility through its revolutionary PVC fluing system that the fireplace can be installed anywhere in your home. There is a variety of options available for wall, floor or ceiling outlets for your ducting system, which you can choose to suit your home décor.


The inline fan must be installed either vertically or horizontally and must be installed 6 metres away from the OFF TAKE on the heater. 

The inline fan can be installed in either roof cavity or under floor installation see separate installation instructions for complete installation of ducted system.


The design as illustrated are examples only and can be fitted and installed as per individual requirements.

Number of ducts


Two basic types of flue configuration can be used either horizontal, co axial flue or single 40mm PVC fluing system. For more technical information refer to flue installations.

Ducting Construction