The Archer’s solid state electronic computer control system, gives you safety, convenience and efficiency not seen in Australia before. To start with the Archer electronic solid state module controls every function and operating feature of the heater for safe and efficient operation.


Years of painstaking laboratory testing coupled with extensive in field trials have resulted in a truly reliable ignition system also. Prior to start up of your heater it automatically purges any un-burnt gas prior to ignition for added safety.

H.S.I Ignition System

 The independent twin H.S.I. ignition system controls the ignition cycle of each burner automatically to ensure trouble free automatic ignition (no pilot light or troublesome piezo ignition) for added reliability, safety and lower gas bills.

During operation the flame sensors constantly monitor the status of the flame for added safety. Archer’s electronic control system lets you select from 3 burner settings. Low, medium and high burn at the touch of a button from easy accessible controls for selection of your own comfort level and lowest operating cost.

The 3 Speed Fan

The 3 speed fan which is automatically linked to each heat setting has been customised for optimum comfort and efficiency. The fan in the heater will not start operating until the heater has sufficiently warmed up. When you turn your heater off the fan will keep pushing warm air until all the built up heat in the heater has been extracted. All your heaters operating modes can be viewed on the display monitor located in the front panel.

Safety Features

Additional safety features such as flame failure safety, overheating safety, automatic shutdown if power or gas fails and fan start/stop protection are all built into the Archer solid state electronic module for customising your heater for added safety, optimum comfort and efficiency to give you the comfort of feeling safe in your home. 


Standard Remote Control – IS720, IS1200, IS1500

Optional Remote Control – FS100, IS700, IS900,IS100/200


Another direct installation and safety feature derived from the Archer’s revolutionary heat exchange system, is the zero clearance temperature achieved on the top, back and sides only of the heater, which allows the heater to be installed safely against combustible materials. The safety screen fitted to the large neo ceramic door glass will be welcoming news for parents with small children.


Most gas heaters dry out the air in the room. Remember the bowls of water in front of the old gas heaters?

The Archer has ingeniously solved this problem with an automatic humidifier. Gas contains moisture which is normally expelled out the flue or chimney after combustion but the Archer is so efficient by taking 92% of the heat out of the burnt gases that the moisture drops out and condenses in the back of the heater.

This water is collected in a tank which is then pumped up to a stainless steel holding tank where it evaporates in the stream of hot air, which is blowing into your home.

Air humidity is automatically restored. This feature is especially important for those with delicate throats or mild breathing difficulties.

NOTE: The amount of condensate build up depends on outside temperature, humidity levels, length of flue and heat settings. Long single vertical flue will cause the automatic humidifier to activate more often compared to short horizontal coaxial or single flue installations.