What Is The Best Gas Log Fire in Australia?

The Answer is Archer!

Archer Gas Log Space Heaters are superior to other gas log space heaters on the market today. Our gas fireplaces offer numerous advantages over our competitors and traditional wood fireplaces, such as higher combustion efficiency, rapid heat reception, reduced cleanup, and the elimination of the need for cutting and storing firewood.

Archer fires combine efficiency, economy, and environmental friendliness. With a remarkable energy star performance rating ranging from 5.4 to 5.9, thanks to our patented triple heat exchanger technology, over 92% of heat is extracted from the incoming gas and distributed into your home, minimizing waste.

Energy Star Performance

The key to Archer's groundbreaking energy star performance, rated between 5.4 and 5.7, lies in our patented triple heat exchanger. This innovative system maximizes heat transfer into your home, ensuring you get more warmth while keeping your expenses in check.

Archer Gas Log Space Heaters has revolutionized product design by pushing the boundaries of heat output and efficiency. By extracting over 92% of heat from the incoming gas and transferring it directly into your home, our gas log fireplaces provide exceptional performance.

Not only do Archer Gas Log Fires feature a realistic burning system, but they also incorporate a combustion process that delivers high efficiency and remarkable heat output. Say goodbye to inefficient heating solutions and embrace the superior performance of Archer Gas Log Fires.

Choose from our diverse range of Archer models, including freestanding heaters, bay window heaters, insert heaters, and flat front designs.