Are gas log fires really worth it?

Gas Log Fires vs Wood-Burning Fireplaces

There are two options when choosing a fireplace to heat your home:

  • a traditional wood-burning fireplace
  • a gas log fireplace

In general, gas log fires offer cleanliness and convenience while traditional wood-burning fireplaces have a nostalgic appeal.

Is a gas log fireplace worth the investment?

It's an important question and one we can answer as we have sold both traditional wood burning and gas fuelled heaters in our 30+ years of being in the business of heating homes.

Yes, gas fireplaces are worth the investment. Here are the reasons why.

Instant & Constant Heat Supply

Gas log fires can provide an instant and constant heat supply. We all know that logs eventually burn out and need to be replaced. With and gas log fireplace, you'll enjoy constant heat for as long as you like with the switch of a button.

Safety & Cleanliness

Wood fireplaces need constant cleaning from sort and leave harmful and dangerous by-products such as creosote. Gas fireplaces, don't leave contaminants behind and require virtually no cleaning.

Affordability & Convenience

Wood fireplaces require trips to a timbre yard for expensive kindling. Gas log fires are more affordable. With a switch of a button your room or home will be warm in minutes. A wood burning fire place requires constant stoking and observation.

Family Friendly

Burning wood can pop and spark in a traditional fireplace, throwing pieces embers into the room. You could never leave a young child alone near a wood burning fireplace.

Ease of Installation

Traditional wood fireplaces require a chimney in order to expel smoke and other pollutants. With gas log fires installation is easier requiring no chimneys.

Temperature Control

Where the Gas Log Fires place you have the option of controlling temperature with flame control. This is something that wood burning fireplaces obviously cannot do.

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